Elevate Public Relations, LLC is a full- service boutique specializing in Public Relations, Marketing and Event Planning services that help buisnesses ELEVATE to the next level!



Since 2010, Elevate PR has gained many satisfied clients from various fields such as Success Development, Sports, Health and Fitness, Non- Profit, Fashion, Retail and the Food & Beverages industry. The most important factor behind the success of Elevate PR is the advanced mix of “Traditional PR” and “Digital PR”. At Elevate PR, Traditional PR and Digital PR work together to effectively promote clients. Traditional PR covers the conventional media pitching whereas Digital PR includes new marketing tools for online distribution and Search engine optimization.


Glance At Our Clients


Both Traditional PR and Digital PR are required in the modern marketing environment. These two different types of PR focus on different types of audiences. Traditional media like newspapers and magazines included in Traditional PR, reach a large number of readers, even those who are not much informed about the modern technologies such as internet. At the same time, Digital PR coverage that takes advantage of SEO and links has its own advantages. It makes a bridge between the readers and the website of the company or the product pages online. This can never be done by a print media.


The Founder's Corner

Elevate PR was founded by the present CEO of the firm, Rebecca Brown in the year 2010. Rebecca Brown partnered with the most informed and talented people that shared a passion to establish a firm specializing in Public Relations services that provides exposure to public figures, speakers, authors and small to medium sized businesses. The team at Elevate PR includes experts in the area of Public relations, Marketing and Event Planning that co-ordinate with one another at different levels to provide the best services to their clients.